You can make a significant difference!

Part of being an Influencer is to use your time, talents and treasures to impact our church, our community, our city and our world. We have partnered with other non-profit organizations to increase our influence of the world for Christ.

Through our partnership with CrossPoint Ministries, we will GO to different countries to impact them with the unfailing love of God. We also partner with Convoy of Hope through their FEED ONE program to make sure children in Haiti and the Philippines are fed at least one meal per day. And make no mistake about it, Influencers Missions also reaches out to our local community to serve organizations like the Foster Care System of Georgia to make the name of Jesus famous right here in Atlanta. We also partner with several high schools and middle schools where we share the love of God on a consistent basis. In 2019, together, we can make a significant difference!

Important Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have postponed (not canceled) our Go trips. We will resume our schedule as soon as it is safe. Our tentative plans are listed below. Please contact Alison Lusted for more information: 770-873-0618.

2020 Dates:
May 14-17 - Selah Retreat
June 24-28 - Selah Retreat
July 18-25 - Colombia
July 25-31 - Dominican Republic
August 20-23 - Selah Retreat
September - Ukraine/Romina
October 8-11 - Selah Retreat
October 2020 - South Africa
November 5-8 - Selah Retreat
November 13-21 - Peru
December 2020 - Mexico